Northern Abalone (Haliotis kamtschatkana)

Tilly Point Bay - Pender Island, 40', 17cm.


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  • Tony Arioli on 2019-Feb-17 22:02:41 Tony Arioli said

    This is Haliotis kamtschatkana - Haliotis walallensis lacks the channel or groove below the row of aperatures.
  • Derek Holzapfel on 2019-Feb-17 22:53:06 Derek Holzapfel said

    Thanks so much for your feedback Tony. I will check out "Haliotis kamtschatkana" and make corrections.
  • Derek Holzapfel on 2019-Feb-18 22:53:35 Derek Holzapfel said

    Thanks again Tony, I have made the correction as per your comment. This photo goes back to 2006, and it is the only Abalone shell I have seen off Pender Island.


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