2021-01-14 Diving Bridges Rd Access-37

Twelve-Tentacled Parasitic Anemone (Peachia quinquecapitata)


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  • Jimmy  MacDonald on 2021-Jan-20 23:54:42 Jimmy MacDonald said

    The parasitic anemone seems to change colour,, when the three pictures are observed.

    Wow. 43F. What is the coldest temp. you have experienced on a Pender dive?

    An elderly man that I knew told me that around 1923-24 he ice skated on False Creek in Vancouver,
    but I'm thinking it must have been at the Main Street end, where the fresh water entered from several
    now buried creeks.
  • Derek Holzapfel on 2021-Jan-21 08:55:49 Derek Holzapfel said

    Hi Jim,
    The three photos are of 3 different individuals. They were all in the same area.
    Yes, that is about the coldest. Brrrr.
    Cheers Derek


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